Getting ready to launch…


Well, we’re not actually living on the boat yet…

There’s always a million things to do to get a boat ready to launch and a recent bout of colds and flu have slowed us down a bit.

Windsong II is still in the Hinckley boatyard in Port Salerno, but the last few days have seen a spurt of activity around her.

One of the major projects that needed to be done while the boat was still on land was the addition of davits to function as a dinghy lift. Davits are a frame attached to the stern of the boat that allow you to lift the dinghy up and down with a series of pulleys.

When you’re under way, towing the dinghy behind you slows the boat by almost a knot, so it is safer and faster to have your dinghy suspended behind your boat in a way that you can easily get it up and down when needed.

The davits were custom made for our boat by Marine Systems in Vancouver, B.C.

Bob’s brother Leo gave him a helping hand to install the davits and as you can see from the picture above they are working perfectly.

What you can’t see in the picture is that the dinghy cannot move. It is tightly clamped in position. This is critical because if the dinghy were to move with each wave, it would eventually wear away the fabric eating holes into it — which is not a good thing in a dinghy!

So that’s one major job done. Bob also reinstalled the bimini and dodger that you can see in the picture. Still to be done are starting the diesel engine, reinstalling the steering wheel and giving the boat a good wash.

Then, maybe — just maybe — we can put her in the water…


14 thoughts on “Getting ready to launch…

  1. Looking good Windsong II ! Wish I could be there to give a helping hand. It’s cold up here but spring looms over the horizon. Wishing you the best on your next adventure.

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  3. Great to hear or rather read your news. Having a little problem with deleting emails and spending
    far too much time on the computer with the guys who try to help me. All well here but it is very cold.
    Doing my charitable work with Heart and Stroke so keeps me busy. also decluttering, today were
    the income tax files going away back. Must get out my shredder. Love you 4, Bye Mum

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