Splish, splash…an unexpected evening swim with Angus…

Here’s the story of my unexpected evening swim with Angus from Bob’s perspective…

photo credit: Elena Galey-Pride

photo credit: Elena Galey-Pride

It started out as a normal walk with the dogs. The thundershowers of the early evening had just stopped so we thought it was a good time to get the dogs off the boat in case it started raining again.

A few days ago, I pulled a muscle in my back, so Sherry has been lifting the dogs from the dock into the cockpit while I stand with the other dog on the main dock.

A little while earlier I had taken a pain-killer and washed it down with a glass of wine, so my back pain was at a low point.

As we came back to the boat I waited on the main dock with Charles while Sherry went down the very narrow finger dock to our cockpit. The dock was slippery so she walked slowly and carefully.

Two conditions made the whole procedure very challenging: Windsong II was up about 18″ from the dock since the tide was in and the boat was about 16″ away from the dock because of current from the flood tide.

Sherry put one foot up on to the deck of the sailboat and used her momentum to lift herself and Angus (who was in her arms) up on to the deck. Well, she did not have quite enough momentum (!) and when she came back down she fell between the boat and the dock still holding Angus in her arms. Splash!

I moved down the dock as quick as my back would allow and tossed Charles onto the cockpit seat. He of course began barking and running around the cockpit.

Sherry and Angus were just surfacing at that point, Sherry still holding on to Angus. I laid down on the dock, got my hands on Angus and lifted him on to the dock.

I somehow got him into the cockpit and then lowered the helm seat opening the cockpit to the swim platform. Sherry swam to the stern of the boat like a mermaid and grabbed the reboarding ladder to bring it down. She then climbed aboard the back of the boat. The only loss was one slippery sandal. Once she was back on board and saw Angus was OK she began laughing and laughing. Stress relief, I guess!

We went below and got everyone dried off. Angus actually likes the hair dryer it seems. He slept most of the night with us in the aft berth and quite enjoyed the treat. Charles stayed closeby guarding us from any monsters.


Bob’s debut…




Now that I have a new camera, and Bob has my old one, he is getting back into photography. (Small happy dance!)

In years gone by, Bob used to really enjoy film photography and he spent a lot of time and effort taking and developing photographs. He had a large dark room that he used with 35 mm and 2 1/4 square film, where he made prints. He even made his own colour prints, which was unusual at the time. He used Nikons as well as a Rolleicord and he tells me he particularly enjoyed making square format black and white prints.

When things in the photography world switched over to digital, he moved on to other passions. Bob is a techie-type guy (as many of you know) and now that he has a little more time, he is interested in learning more about digital photography. To him, it’s a puzzle to solve and he is fascinated by technical challenges of all kinds.

Yesterday, he did some of his first digital shots of pelicans at the fish-cleaning station. I think he’s really artist masquerading as a techie, don’t you?

Sunset at Mariner’s Cay…

canal-sunsetOne way to create waterfront property is to dig canals, allowing homeowners to slip their boats right in their back yards. You see this here and there in Stuart, Florida, where we are. The picture above was taken looking down the canal which crosses the end of our marina. Where you really see the canal phenomenon is in Fort Lauderdale, however, which has been called the Venice of North America.


Marina in the morning…


View of the Manatee Pocket from the end of the dock

Mariner’s Cay is a picture of serenity in the morning…the light is low and warm, drying the dew on the boats…water is lapping at our stern…some are preparing to head out…a perfect time to capture morning at the marina. The photos in the gallery above are by Sherry and the photos in the gallery below are by Bob. Click on any image and you can see them larger.