I have been MIA from this blog but not from the blogosphere…I’ve been active on Still and All lately, posting about magical trees in Coconut Grove and thoughts on colour.

Yesterday we decided on the spur of the moment to try to catch an image or two of a sunrise at the beach (it faces east since we’re on the Atlantic side). We both woke up at 4:00 am for some unexplained reason. This never happens in real life to me so it all must have been a dream. šŸ˜‰

Anyway, we left the boys (dogs) dozing in the boat and headed out. My plan was to experiment with HDR photographs of sunrises. I also wanted to try some more long exposures.

HDR processing requires taking at least three (if not more) exposures of the same scene and using special software that fuses the exposures and maps the tones. I am just a beginner at this so I will share one of the images that I have created so far. I will be doing a full post on my blog in the future.

The first is long exposure and the second is an HDR image. The first was taken after sunrise looking away from the sun and the second was taken right at sunrise looking at the sun. Same day — just a few minutes apart and two different techniques. I love how different the images look and feel. Some people really respond to the softer, more dreamy look and some love the more dramatic look.

Watch for more on Still and All. I will talk about my methods and thoughts on HDR.

Long exposure

I call this Vanilla Sky and Caramel Sand. Long Exposure.


This was created using three different exposures.

Me in action

Bob captures me in action…





The same but very different…

16 thoughts on “The same but very different…

    • I wish you WERE here, Laurie! We would have a blast doing photography. I’ll tell Bob. He will appreciate that you like his shot. It has immediately become one of my faves.

  1. Very different but each beautiful. It’s good to see real HDR done with 3 exposures, it can be faked with software but then it’s not quite the same thing then, I think.

    I love your signature muted, dreamy style and that’s what I’m drawn back to every time, but you’ve pulled off the dramatic style very well too and like you say (and these comments show), some of us respond more to one and some to the other. Bob did a great job too, not just in documenting the occasion but as a stand-alone image too. It’s lovely to see the photographer in action against that gorgeous shoreline and sky.

  2. Those pictures are so incredible, they almost look like paintings! Do you travel much on your boat? I just happened to stumble upon your blog from the Weekly Photo Challenge (the magic of a click) and I live on a boat too! We’re anchored in Mexico, and sunrises fill my camera cards to no end….

    Cheers! Looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful pictures!

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