peacock diptych

Processed with Kim Klassen’s texture “providence”

Yesterday we went to Miami to take care of some boat business. As I was walking the dogs around Coconut Grove, where we had stayed last year, we were stopped short by an unusual sight — a peacock in one of the courtyards.

I quickly took Angus and Charles back to the truck and grabbed my camera. I watched him for a while as he strode around the courtyard — I had never seen a pet peacock before and I didn’t know how friendly they were. 😉

As I was snapping away, he decided to cross the street. I realized he was heading to the little house where he lived to get some food.  So now I know why the peacock crossed the road…

All the while I was clicking away. Finally he decided to display his gorgeous plumage for me.


The peacock is a special symbol of Coconut Grove and everywhere you go you can see artistic renderings of peacocks. But this is the first time I had seen a real one outside a zoo or a cage. What a treat!

Sharing with Kim Klassen’s Texture Tuesday, the Free and Easy Edition…


Peacock crossing….

8 thoughts on “Peacock crossing….

  1. They are gorgeous, aren’t they? Love that third photo! Here on Gabriola, we have a flock of wild (feral) turkeys which strut about and often cross the road. They’re pretty interesting birds – like a muted version of peacocks when they spread their tail feathers. I’ve never had my camera with me when I’ve seen them, unfortunately!

  2. There are peacocks that live in the garden of St John the Divine Cathedral on NYC. I used to visit friends who lived across the street. I couldn’t figure out what the peculiar noise was I heard at night – loud, eerie, shrill – until they told me it was the birds. I wondered how such a beautiful, majestic bird could make such a horrible sound!

  3. Your photo takes me back many years, when George and I were in Wales and walking at night to dinner when from the wall of this very old restaurant/B&B, came this eerie, screeching sound, startling us, and there perched was a peacock, which we were able to see in full spread, the following morning, Irene

  4. Sherry – This is magnificent! I’m so glad he was polite enough to wait for you. When I have to dash to get my camera, usually the subject I’m stalking has disappeared. Marvelous catch!

  5. Very nice. I use the beautiful feathers for making fishing flies. I had not seen a Peacock Crossing sign before. We have deer and turkey crossing signs in mg neighborhood.


  6. He’s a beauty, isn’t he? We used to have ‘wild’ peacocks and peahens in a local park here in Scotland. I don’t know how long ago they had been introduced into the park but I suspect it had been home for a while. They would roam around freely just like any other bird. I remember in the winter on a cold snowy day taking some seeds down there. Within minutes I had a menagerie around me… small wild birds, peacocks, squirrels all gathered together. Surreal and magical!

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