Bob’s debut…




Now that I have a new camera, and Bob has my old one, he is getting back into photography. (Small happy dance!)

In years gone by, Bob used to really enjoy film photography and he spent a lot of time and effort taking and developing photographs. He had a large dark room that he used with 35 mm and 2 1/4 square film, where he made prints. He even made his own colour prints, which was unusual at the time. He used Nikons as well as a Rolleicord and he tells me he particularly enjoyed making square format black and white prints.

When things in the photography world switched over to digital, he moved on to other passions. Bob is a techie-type guy (as many of you know) and now that he has a little more time, he is interested in learning more about digital photography. To him, it’s a puzzle to solve and he is fascinated by technical challenges of all kinds.

Yesterday, he did some of his first digital shots of pelicans at the fish-cleaning station. I think he’s really artist masquerading as a techie, don’t you?


13 thoughts on “Bob’s debut…

  1. Congrats to Bob on his great pictures! Yes, he has been hiding his talents under a barrel. as the saying goes. Keep up the good work, Bob !!!!! Love Joyce

  2. Lynnae and I often think of you and Angus. Ths itching for the new sailboat never goes away and I know it will win one day….I hope soon πŸ™‚

    Enjoy your time south

  3. very nice pictures! Like riding a bike — you never lose the ability. The focus and clarity on that first pelican image is spot on!

  4. Can’t wait to see more from Bob! These are beautifully captured, and it sounds like he has a wealth of photography experience to draw on… not to mention his talented other half!

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