Sunset at Mariner’s Cay…

canal-sunsetOne way to create waterfront property is to dig canals, allowing homeowners to slip their boats right in their back yards. You see this here and there in Stuart, Florida, where we are. The picture above was taken looking down the canal which crosses the end of our marina. Where you really see the canal phenomenon is in Fort Lauderdale, however, which has been called the Venice of North America.



13 thoughts on “Sunset at Mariner’s Cay…

    • I’ve been wanting to capture a sunset from here but I never seem to be at the right place at the right time with my camera. I set out to do it yesterday and was successful, finally! Glad it could provide a but of vicarious warmth!

  1. Gorgeous shot! That rich orange wave in the sky against the yellow of the setting sun….mmm-mm. The light is almost other-worldly. What a great eye you have, Sherry!

  2. Amazing sunset, I can just picture you with your camera capturing those beautiful skies and the way the water mirrors the colours. I feel peaceful just looking at this one, I can practically hear the gentle lapping of the water and the sounds of wildlife as the sun sets on another day.

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