Happy birthday to me and me and me!

sherry-times-3OK, so it was my birthday today and I thought I should have a birthday pic of me. But I hate having my picture taken — isn’t that so predictably photographer-like?

But then I thought if I can make it fun and different, maybe it’ll be OK.

So I tried out a technique I’ve been wanting to experiment with for a while now. It just involved setting up a tripod on the dock and getting the settings right, using a few test pics. Then I had Bob press the shutter a couple of times with me in each position. I layered them over each other in Photoshop and masked off the parts I didn’t need.

You could of course use a wireless remote control if you didn’t have a Bob, but I don’t have the first and I do have the second and he’s always up for an experiment.

The main challenge was the wind, since the boat needed to be in exactly the same position for each shot. But it wasn’t; it was being blown slightly by the wind. But it still worked fine.

So all three of me thank everyone for the lovely birthday wishes I received today. It is so kind of all of you to remember my birthday while I am away. I’m half way through my sixth decade (yikes), and so far it has really been a great one.

My dear mother was reminiscing in a long email this morning about the years in Singapore and my birth lo these many years ago. She loves reminding me how this famous author mistook me for a boy on the cruise back from Singapore when I was six months old. I guess I wasn’t dressed in pink — yeah Mom!

Joyce is still a force to be reckoned with at 85, captaining her Heart and Stroke canvas team for the 34th year and posting her first Facebook post today. I can’t reconcile her activity and energy with her real age so I think of her as about 70. Very self-serving, of course, since that would make me about 40!

Tomorrow I will be heading to West Palm Beach to see a photo exhibit by Annie Liebovitz who has mastered the celebrity portrait, of course. And Friday I’ve signed up for a photography seminar at the Jonathon Dickinson State Park with a couple of well-known Florida photographers. All together a great birthday week!

I’ll close with a quote from Bob. “I’m glad this photo isn’t real, Sherry. I don’t know what I’d do if there were three of you on the sailboat with me.” So I said: “Think about how easy docking would be…” and he sort of grinned and said, yeah, maybe it would be OK…

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10 thoughts on “Happy birthday to me and me and me!

  1. Happy Birthday, Sherry! And I love your self-portrait(s) … well maybe they’re not really “self” portraits since Bob hit the shutter. Still very clever. And what a treat! An Annie Liebovitz exhibit. Wheee!

  2. Happy birthday Sherry, and here’s wishing you many happy returns of the day. What a wonderfully imaginative approach to the self-portrait challenge – congratulations! And your post was very fun to read – almost as fun as your Birthday Week sounds like it will be! Enjoy!

    • Sorry to be late in thanking you for the birthday wishes…this blog got away from me..but I do very much appreciate them and your visit. It was a great birthday week (for the most part — see latest post!)

  3. Sherry I am so sorry my birthday wishes are so darn late! Serves me right for not getting to visit blogs on a regular basis. Phooey, sorry I didn’t know when I saw this at Flickr or I definitely would have given you very happy birthday wishes — I hope it was a grand day! Love how this turned out too 🙂

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