The boat that swallows stuff…

Some of you have asked to see how we store all the stuff we need for living (and maintaining the boat) in such a small space.

Sailboats of this size (36 footers) are designed to be self-sufficient for a month or two at a time. That means being able to carry enough food, water and fuel for the time you’re away. Now, of course, you need lots of other stuff, like books [not too many!] and DVDs and camera equipment and computers and maybe a few tools [maybe a lot!], dog necessities and some clothes.

We have found Hunter sailboats to be designed for both for comfortable living and for optimal storage — every nook and cranny has a storage function.

Bob likes to say that this boat just “swallows up” our stuff. Our sailboat swallowed up the entire contents of our pick up truck easily, and we still have room!


Starting with provisions…

The fridge and freezer combined hold more than a typical fridge/freezer combo in a small apartment. The freezer is actually quite amazing. We can’t keep it filled up here. The fridge I have no problem keeping filled up. But sometimes things drop to the bottom, never to be seen again!

Each of the six settees has a large storage compartment beneath it and storage behind the backrest. We use two of these for food storage. Here’s one. We found the perfect size of plastic container and bought a bunch to keep the dried and canned food organized.

under-settee settee

For supplies that we use everyday, there are two handy storage compartments in the galley on each side of the microwave. We keep our coffee, condiments, olive oil, salt, oatmeal, vinegars and such here.

Bowls, plates (small and large), mugs, cutlery, cooking utensils, measuring cups and spoons, dish towels and other miscellaneous galley items fit beautifully in the small bank of drawers beside the sink.

Well, that’s a start on storage. There are some other neat features that I will photograph and show you in another post. One of my very favorites is the great design for the kitchen garbage. (Never thought I’d get excited about that, but good design is good design and I appreciate that, no matter what it’s for.)


One thought on “The boat that swallows stuff…

  1. Dear Sherry,

    Remembering you today. Hope you are having a Happy Birthday!! 🎉 🎊 😘 👯 👏👏

    With love, Auntie Vina

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