Port Salerno Seafood Festival


The owners of the two salty dogs took their appetites over to the Port Salerno Seafood Festival this past weekend. Put on by a non-profit representing local fishers, the festival attracts some 35,000 each year and profits go to local charities.

The 30 on-site seafood vendors offer oysters, crab, scallops, clams, conch, fish and shrimp in almost every imaginable way, shape and form.

The festival is spread out along the commercial fishing docks. As you can see from some of the images above, these are not huge commercial trawlers. Most of the fishing boats are under 30 feet in length and are run by one or two fishers, who support their families on the income from fishing. Some people from elsewhere attend the festival from their boats and make a party of it.

We sampled shrimp, mahi mahi, calamari, seared tuna and crab cakes — all so fresh and tasty. For dessert I could not resist the funnel cake, which is like a long skinny donut covered in icing sugar.

A couple of years ago we went with Angus, but the festival has gotten so big they no longer allow dogs, so the two salties had to stay back on the boat. We decided not to tell them what they had missed.


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